Feeling a little under the weather? This shea butter is for you! With this tea tree scent you can give yourself some extra self-care. Made with rosemary, lavender, tea tree, eucalyptus, cinnamon, and geranium oil, these soothing scents help you to relax and breathe a little better. Can also be used to moisturize the hair.

Skin Health & Anxiety Relief Scented Shea Butter

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  • Rosemary: Hydrates the skin, which helps to control oil production. Also provides and antibacterial surface for the skin keeping acne at bay. 

    Lavender: Antifungal properties reduces inflammation and promotes good sleep. 

    Tea Tree: Can calm redness, swelling and inflammation. Helps to prevent and reduce stressleaving you with smooth, clear skin. 

    Eucalyptus: Can treat wounds and prevent infections. Can be used on the skin to fight inflammation and promote healing.

    Cinnamon: Calm dry skin, alleviate aches, pains, and stiffness in the muscles. Enhances circulation, nourish the skin, and revive skin tone. 

    Geranium: Antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Make it beneficial for reducing acne breakouts, skin irritation and infections.

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